A Typical Day in My Life

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As an actress and content creator who splits her time between two cities, my days are always jam-packed with various auditions, shoots, and meetings. In order to keep from becoming overwhelmed, I try to stick to a routine so I can stay on-top of everything whether I’m in LA or NY.  


8:00AM: I wake up and have breakfast. Typically, breakfast for me is a smoothie. If I don’t run out and grab one from Juice Generation in NYC, I make my own with a combination of greens, berries, and protein powder. I also like adding various supplements depending on what my body needs that morning. 

9:00AM: On a good day, I head to the gym. I love going to Crubox in LA or PureBarre in NYC. I’ve been dancing since I was three-years old, so I also love going to dance classes, either hip-hop or tap. My favorite studios are Broadway Dance Center in NY and Edge in LA.

10:30AM: After the gym, I head to my acting class. I use alone-time in the car to catch up on emails and it’s usually enough since I’m always stuck in traffic and spend a lot of time in cars.

(some days I wake up later and don’t work out too especially during the weekends :))


12:00PM: I usually don’t have time for a sit-down lunch, so I’ll just grab a quick bite before heading home or I’ll schedule lunch meetings. When I work from home I like postmating my lunch. When I first moved to NYC I didn’t understand the concept of having lunch on my own. Growing up at home I always had every meal in company, it was hard to get used to the idea of eating alone and felt awkward asking for a table for one. Now I am thankful for every experience I’ve had and overcoming that. Living in NY has made me independent.

Auditions and meetings can happen at any time, sometimes with really short notice, so my afternoons are typically spent rehearsing for a scene, audition or film that I’m shooting until I have to run out the door again. I’ve been producing, shooting and writing a few different short films that’s been taking up most of my time lately. If I have time, I’ll read scripts to see if any spark my interest for future productions or work on creating my own stories. 

I also always make sure to post on my Instagram and spend some time organizing shoots to create content.


6:30PM: Family is super important to me and since I live far away from mine, I make sure to make time to speak with them almost every day, typically when I come home or during car rides.

7:30PM: At the end of the day, I love to treat myself to a bath and have dinner with my boyfriend. I also always make sure to hang out with my friends.